Tell Mark Seavey at American Legion Headquarters...we are not "worthless".  We are not "Gorillas in the Mist" or "Apes."

Sources inside American Legion HQ reveal that bosses are waiting till this all "blows over" and then they will fire Mark Seavey
For conduct unbecoming a legionnaire.

update-1American Legion Director Mark Seavey says that valor terrorists that have killed Air Force veterans is 100% funded by American Legion  Seavey told "go after these guys.  I was doing that in my (American Legion) office when writing at thisainthell (tormenting veteran to suicide) 
  "American Legion said 'pick up the pace and do more of this at work'  (This terrorism against veterans and tormenting vets to self murder) "is funded by my salary (at American Legion)."
*American Legion, historically hates blacks  Makes Blacks march at back of parade  and won't let them join "white" Posts click

*American Legion, historically hates blacks, putting "Colored" killed in action veterans in segregated section click

*American Legion pulls veteran from jail, hangs him, castrates him, shoots him click
Click Petition to expel American Legion Director Mark Seavey from our beloved Legion for abuse of veterans
Click Demand that our Executive Director (pictured) Verna L. Jones stop abuses against veterans from support staff at our National headquarters

Restore the Glory to the American Legion~REVENUE SHARING FOR LOCAL POSTS, sell wasteful real estate and give the revenue to local posts~stop the embezzlement of donations, the child molesting, the political campaigning by A.M support staff which threaten our tax exemption status, fire Mark Seavey who was instrumental in the self murder of two Air Force veterans at our American Legion

Daniel A. Bernath for
National Commander 

American Legion 2015 to 2016

Daniel A. Bernath
The Reform Choice
Veterans' Lawyer
Under current administration, American Legion has had

millions  of dollars of donations embezzled, 
2.   registered child molesters in power in our largest state,  
3.  children raped by our coaches and chaplains,

4.  veterans tormented to suicide.
5.   Endorcing and attacking political candidates that will lose our tax exempt status.

Click  Daniel A. Bernath military and veterans' lawyer biography
Click will kick all the registered sex offenders out of high American Legion office, stop American Legion Chaplains, coaches and Commanders from molesting children

click American Legion director Mark Seavey says he is not child molester, threatens lawsuit against 4 veterans
Click Mark Seavey,  Director of American Legion is a racist, black NCOs Petty Officers"officers in the mist..." Says Black Top Petty Officers and Master Sergents are "worthless" Commander Bernath will fire disrespectful staff at our HQ Its time you learned the truth about the mismanagement of our American Legion

click American Legion threatens to expell candidate for National Commander and $500,000 lawsuit who will stop American Legion embezzlements and child molesting

Click National Commander Daniel A. Bernath will stop the millions of dollars in donations that are stolen from the American Legion

Why American Legion can't get anything done in Congress. American Legion advocate MARK SEAVEY on The Hill publicly insults congressmen and congresswomen, accuses them of sexual harassment, insanity, etc.

National Commander Daniel A. Bernath will preserve American Legion's tax exempt  status in jeopardy by Legion employees (Mark Seavey) campaigning for and attacking political candidates

National Commander Daniel A. Bernath will Disband the unit within American Legion that tormented two veterans to self murder

STOP THE THEFTS BY AMERICAN LEGION EMPLOYEES--Misappropriation of American Legion donations and funds to pay for a private lawsuit of one of the support staff

Click Mark Seavey, American Legion Director/Manager/clerk must be fired for his vile treatment of American Legion members, VETERANS, OFFICERS, HOMOSEXUALS.

click Mark Seavey, Internet Director of American Legion gay bashing and inspiring violence to gay veterans

click update-1American Legion's racist history-putting negro war dead in segregated section of war memorial-making black veterans march behind white veterans


Accredited Attorney before US Department of Veterans Affairs  click

1. Reform candidate. Clear out administrative staff whose misconduct is threatening our tax exempt status and caused the self murder of at least two Air Force veterans,

2. Sell the National Headquarters in Indianapolis, Washington DC and other wasteful real estate holdings, relocate downsized staff to office building rental,

3. "Revenue Sharing with Posts" Use the millions of now wasted dollars in proceeds of sale of National Headquarters and other wasteful American Legion real estate holdings to distribute to each post nationally to update their facilities and reach new veterans, assist needy veterans and increase membership

4. Begin talks with Veterans of Foreign Wars to merge these two service organizations to cut wasteful duplicative spending and staff so both veteran service organizations will survive and prosper