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Daniel Alan Bernath, Esq. (email  503.639.6666 on the air name: Daniel Abernathy) is a retired, Oxford England trained attorney, radio and television newsman, Hollywood actor, a photographer, author of the award winning veterans web magazine www.YorktownSailor.com  and a Daddy and Grandpa.
After over 25 years of service as a lawyer,
Daniel A. Bernath, Esq. has retired
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Bernath was rated 100% disabled by the US Department of Veterans Affairs as of March 2010.  Bernath retired from representing Social Security claimants in March 2010 after alj Dan R. Hyatt attacked click here him as Bernath departed the Social Security Office of Disability Adjudications and Review in Portland.

Most recently Bernath was a lawyer,  representing clients before the United States Department of Homeland Security-US Citizenship and Immigration, Veterans Affairs and before all Courts of the State of California. 

He likes wearing his Jerry Garcia necktie.

When on leave from the Navy he took and passed the Michigan driver license test with 100% correct answers.

US Navy Petty Officer

His public service record stretches back over 40 years to his days manning a combat camera for the Navy on the United States Ship YORKTOWN, covering the splashdown of the Apollo 8 first astronauts to travel to the Moon.

  Bernath began his adult life by joining the US Navy at age 17 in 1966.
He traveled throughout the Pacific on the USS Kearsarge and USS Yorktown, spent 12 months in the combat zone off the coast of North Vietnam, south and west of communist China. Dan Bernath volunteered and did serve a second tour at Vietnam.  While temporarily assigned to the Boatswain Mate 2nd Division, Bernath took the helm of the USS Yorktown and logged 8 hours on the helm in the combat zone and manned the 6 inch gun as a gun crew member during various watches

  He was awarded the Republic of Vietnam Meritorious Unit Citation (Gallantry Cross Medal Color with Palm) Gold Frame.

For service on the USS Kearsarge, Bernath and the crew were awarded the US Navy Meritorious Unit Commendation Ribbon.

Of the battle stars awarded to the Yorktown and Kearsarge, Bernath wore two on his chest along with the National Defense Medal, Vietnam Service Medal, Republic of Vietnam Medal, Navy Unit Citation and the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal.



Dan Bernath is a proud member of the Radio Shack Battery Club and after passing the entrance exam, of Costco.


  Bernath completed high school in 1968, taught by a US Navy Ensign on the hangar deck of the USS Kearsarge, in the combat zone in Vietnam coastal waters.  Bernath attended class between his helicopter, flight deck and photography duties.

When the USS Pueblo was captured by the communist North Koreans Bernath was on the Yorktown during the American Navy show of force.  During that action, the Yorktown was repeatedly flown over by Soviet Bear Bombers and constantly being tracked by Russian intelligence ships.  Bernath and the Yorktown crew were awarded the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal for that action and the Korea Defense Service Medal. read more

Bernath manning six inch (5'38) Gun, off coast of North Vietnam, combat zone 1968




  The Commanding Officer of the USS Yorktown, Captain William L. Bennett, regarding the Yorktown's last combat deployment stated,

  "Petty Officer Daniel Bernath frequently volunteered to be the combat photographer on day or night helicopter missions over enemy territory and waters and as the rescue aircrewman on these dangerous flights for which he had been trained.

  He taught many of the new recruits to the photography field the fine art of taking an outstanding picture and was an idol for them.

  Dan Bernath is the kind of sailor, petty officer and shipmate that every commanding officer hopes to have in his organization, especially in the combat zone."

Capt. Bill Bennett, USN



  Bernath later photographed the splashdown of the first manned mission to travel to the moon- Apollo 8 astronauts in the Pacific off of the Hawaiian Islands (along with other Navy lensmen, ABC newsmen and an Associated Press photographers). NASA awarded the crew and Bernath the Group Achievement Award for "professional precision and exactitude" and the Yorktown's Captain added praise for "untiring efforts and unswerving devotion to duty." 

Daniel A. Bernath was selected to be interviewed for the History Project for the Library of Congress.  The transcript is here and the audio is also available from the US Library of Congress and the audio of Dan Bernath's Navy career are also below:


Collection #:
Bernath, Daniel Alan  Petty Officer 2nd Class
Vietnam War, 1961-1975--Personal Narratives
United States. Navy.
Cite as:
Daniel Alan Bernath Collection
(AFC/2001/001/72600), Veterans History Project, American Folklife Center, Library of Congress  61 minute audio of interview with Petty Officer 2nd Class Daniel A. Bernath



Veterans History Project (Library of Congress)

Bernath was also awarded the US Navy Unit Commendation Medal for his participation in the recovery of the First Men to the Moon.  The award was the Second such US Navy Commendation for Petty Officer Daniel Bernath.

He traveled after that with the Navy on the USS YORKTOWN to South America and Europe. 


 He was promoted to Petty Officer 2nd Class, Photographers Mate on the USS YORKTOWN at the age of 19. At 20, he was discharged from the Navy in Boston, just prior to the decommissioning of the Yorktown.

  Bernath was awarded the Cold War Certificate of Appreciation which states "In recognition of your service during the period of the Cold War in promoting peace and stability for this Nation, the people of this Nation are forever grateful."  /s/ Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.


Guard duty one day, shore patrol duty the next day.  The US Navy's scariest and skinniest Shore Patrolman, 120 pounds.










  National Association of Naval PhotographyIn 2006, Bernath was voted "Honorary Chief Petty Officer Photographer's Mate by the US Naval Photography Association  


He earned a bachelor of arts degree from the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee after his Navy service with the tuition paid by the G.I. Bill for returning veterans.

Daniel Bernath rotates his tires and cleans the coils in the back of his refrigerator regularly.


Television and radio journalist

In 1970 to 1982 he was an award winning journalist (using the "on the air" name of Daniel Abernathy) primarily on radio but also on television in such cities as New York, Los Angeles, Detroit, New Orleans, Milwaukee where he won awards for "newscast contributing most to the community",  "best spot news" and the like. As a newscaster in New York and Los Angeles, he has been heard by tens of millions of Americans. While the news director of WHN in New York City, which covered the states of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, Bernath took on the duties of reporting to "the second largest audience in the world, age 25 to 49."

After hours of self study, Daniel Bernath took and passed the test for Notary Public in and for the State of Oregon.






Bernath was the morning anchorman and heard throughout the day and was also a street reporter. 

The program director of WABC New York, Rick Sklar, referred to Bernath as a "major talent" when he recommended him to the ABC owned radio stations.  At the time WABC was the most listened to radio station in the world.  George Wilson, president of Bartell Broadcasting dubbed him, "the best newscaster in contemporary radio in America."







  One of the highlights of his journalism career was reporting from the Republican Convention in Detroit that nominated President Ronald Reagan and Vice President (and later President Bush) and reporting on the inauguration of President Ronald Reagan and reporting live from the White House as President Carter announced that American hostages were to be released by Iran.  Daniel Bernath was also the first reporter to conduct a personal interview with the reclusive President Richard Nixon after Nixon left the White House.








Publicity picture of future California attorney Daniel Bernath (standing) and future Illinois attorney Steven K. Silverman, news reporters at WOKY, Milwaukee 1976







Attorney and Counselor at Law

  In 1982 Daniel Bernath attended law school and was in the top 10% of his class in the first year and graduated in the top 25% after completing the accelerated 24 month program earning his degree as Doctor of Jurisprudence. He is the winner of the American Jurisprudence Award after having the highest grade amongst his classmates in Criminal Procedure.  Bernath was sworn in as a lawyer before the California Supreme Court in 1984. In the summer of 1984, Dan Bernath passed the most difficult bar exam in the country, if not in the history of all bar exams.  In the bar exam Bernath passed, nearly two thirds failed.

Also in 1984 Bernath was sworn in before the United States Court of Appeal for the Ninth Circuit. That Court has jurisdiction over California,  Washington, , Guam, Idaho, Oregon and other western states and is one level from the United States Supreme Court in the federal system.  



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After serving the required five years as a lawyer and counselor at law was admitted as a member of the Bar of the United States Supreme Court in 1990. But, he still considers himself a small town "country lawyer."


In a previous life, Daniel Bernath was a traffic light in front of the "Old Bailey."


Attended Oxford University, bar exam to become solicitor for England and Wales
U.S.A. trained and licensed attorney Daniel A. Bernath, attended Oxford University England, Brookes Institute of Legal Practice click here at Oxford University and studied British civil practice, ethics and accountings for solicitors, English and Welch real property law and conveyance, etc. Bernath then sat for the 3 day British bar exam to become a solicitor for England and Wales.  Though not on the rolls of solicitors, Bernath has passed all 4 "heads" of the exam to qualify as a solicitor/barrister of England and Wales.













*just kidding. Dan Bernath isn't a barrister
but he did win the
2010 Nobel Prize for Literature
for typing 120 words per minute on his Dell laptop whilst being chased by a mob of angry vocation experts through an ODAR lobby in Newark New Jersey

 Bernath became a pilot; tired of walking and not because he wants to look down on people.


Dan Bernath is a volunteer pilot, from time to time,  flying dogs that need rescue from the dog pound death to a forever home hundreds of miles away.
Paws N Pilots

Dan & Maggie at 8,500 feet over the Cascade Mountains-Oregon.








Public Service as a judge and arbitrator

Appointed as a judge pro tem of the Los Angeles Superior Court, Los Angeles Municipal Court and Culver City Municipal Court, Bernath has judged hundreds of matters and as an arbitrator for the Superior Court, judged over 130 complex cases.

  Attorney Bernath has been hired by a subdivision of the State of Oregon to pursue a claim before a federal agency in Portland Oregon.

Daniel Bernath always drives 3.5 miles per hour below the speed limit on United States interstate highways and is gratified by the emotional hand waving, gesturing and unique greetings he receives from fellow motorists on the expressways of America, as they pass him by on the left and the right.

  Attorney Dan Bernath became a "private attorney general" on behalf of the People of Oregon.  Bernath wrote tickets to BI MART for blocking handicapped parking spaces because Tigard Police won't and prepares to conduct the trial against the BI MART defendants click here to see the pictures 



Public Service as member of Board of famed USS Yorktown Association

In 2000 he was unanimously elected to the Board of Directors of the USS Yorktown Association, a group of World War Two, Korean War and Vietnam War naval combat pilots, aviators and crewmembers of the CV 5 and CV 10.  In October 2001 he was given an award by the USS Yorktown Association;

For Exemplary Service in War
Aboard the "Fighting Lady"

and unselfish Devotion in Peace
to the Yorktown Association. 

From your Shipmates,
a Heartfelt "Well Done"


  As a photographer and author his work has been read and seen by hundreds of millions of people around the world from the Times of London, the Associated Press, Newsweek, USA Today, ABC News, NBC News, NBC's The Today Show, CBS Radio Network, the Oprah Winfrey Show, Legal Times, the U.S. Navy Photography Retention Center, U.S.S. Yorktown Sea V Ten  magazine http://www.YorktownSailor.com , Bride's Guide Magazine and BrideSave.com   

    He has photographed weddings in Japan, Los Angeles, Detroit, Portland, Oregon; Sydney, Australia; Paris, France and London, England. With his pictures published on the Today Show, NBC News, CBS News, ABC News, Winfrey, exhibited and viewed annually by 600,000 visitors to Patriot's Point South Carolina Naval Aviation History Museum, etc., it is estimated that 300 million people have seen Bernath's photographs. Bernath also trains fellow photographer journalists in a style that is both time efficient and produces elegant photographs.

  The veterans web magazine http://www.YorktownSailor.com created and edited by Bernath has been awarded the "Top Vet Site Award", "Veteran and Proud Award" and "The Chief says, this site blew me away..." award. click to see USS Yorktown Association webmagazine awards. 

  He has attained the status as "senior statesman" to the news media, having been interviewed by local television stations KGW, and KOIN and KXL radio on veterans affairs, politics and the like, the New York Times and USA Today on national security.  Bernath would be very valuable as a "counter-expert" on political affairs.  He has noticed that when he votes for a candidate or a ballot measure that the candidate and measure is doomed to failure.  Therefore, he has offered himself up as an anti-expert-(find out how Daniel Bernath is voting and then bet on the other guy).

eXTReMe TrackerIn 2006, Daniel Bernath was interviewed on the worldwide radio show  The Mr. Nice Guy show regarding the "Death of the 'Antique News Media.'"
hear the interview; click here (takes a minute to load)

Daniel Bernath has never taken more than 10 items through the express check-out lane of any supermarket in the 50 States of the United States, nor it's possessions or territories.



Public service as lifesaver-"Saved a woman's life" in 2006

   Daniel Bernath is a member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States in Portland Oregon, Tigard and Tualatin.When selling poppies on Veterans Day 2006 at the King City Safeway shopping center Bernath witnessed an 85 year old woman being hit by an SUV truck. 

  The 57 year old Dan Bernath swung into action, running in front of another vehicle that was bearing down on the stricken woman.  He stopped the inattentive second driver by getting in front of the moving car, pounding on the car's hood and stopping that driver from running over the stricken woman.

  Having stopped the second car from running over the woman by standing in front of the moving car and slapping its hood, Daniel Bernath then turned to the woman, laying on the pavement.  Bernath, having been trained in medical first aid from the US Navy, school bus driver training and elsewhere then provided what medical aid he could to the woman.

  Daniel Bernath ordered passersby to call 911, he ordered the raving driver as the driver screamed into his cellphone to sit on the sidewalk until the police arrived and he directed police, firemen and paramedics to the woman as she lay on the wet pavement parking lot as Bernath gave her aid, comforted her and covered her with a coat. 

  The Safeway manager thanked Bernath for "taking charge" and the paramedic/fireman first on the scene told him "you did everything correctly" in aiding the woman.

  For his efforts, the VFW Commander commended VFW comrade Dan Bernath for "saving the woman's life." 




Public Service as Officer of United States Department of Homeland Security
after attack on US on September 11, 2001

  TSA LogoAfter our country was attacked on September 11, 2001, Bernath sought to protect his country again and became an officer with the US Department of Homeland Security/Transportation Security Administration where he searched for bombs and improvised explosive devises in luggage.

  He thereafter edited and wrote the TSA Screener webmagazine TSA Watch which was praised by screeners and political leaders in Oregon and Washington for exposing security breaches and workplace dangers that screeners face everyday. 

He was nominated as a Distinguished Officer of the United States Department of Homeland Security. 

Joint Session of CongressDan Bernath's duties as an Officer of the Transportation Security Administration of the US Department of Homeland Security received praise and thanks on the floor of the US Congress.



   Bernath than became a legal assistant to the judges at the Office SSA logo: link to Social Security Online homeof Hearings and Appeals of the Social Security Administration in Portland Oregon.  Seeing that claimants needed a caring, competent, knowledgeable attorney at law, Bernath left public service to again represent clients as an attorney at law before the Social Security Administration and the US Department of Homeland Security, Citizenship and Immigration, in the State of Oregon, Washington and California.  He now represents veterans before the US Department of Veterans Affairs.

Although a holder of an Oregon Driver License, Daniel Bernath is not an illegal alien.

Picture: Daniel Alan Bernath, Wall Street Lawyer.  (Ok, he's a lawyer and there he is, standing on Wall Street) Attorney Bernath on Wall Street in New York City, where George Washington became our first President.  New Yorker (right) is unimpressed with Wall Street Lawyer Dan Bernath's speech and sits down.  The field trip group from Bellevue did not arrive in time to escort Wall Street Attorney Dan Bernath to a child proof room next to their other guest, Napoleon)

"Hippie Lawyer" arrives in San Francisco 40 years too late!
Dan Bernath takes a shower and brushes his teeth each day, even on weekends and holidays (except bank holidays).

contact him at email
(503) 639-6666



Dan Bernath acted in two sketches on the Emmy winning and Peabody Awarding winning show, Portlandia.

 He played the part of tourist at an odd Portland museum and the father of the bride in two sketches.

Profile Picture

  He is a photographer, lawyer, actor,  publisher and journalist and loved to ride his Honda Shadow 750cc in sun, rain, ice, hot or cold.

 But foremost, he is a Daddy. He is married and has four daughters, (two are married)3 grandsons a granddaughter and has an unending zest for life (and a sense of humor).