Veterans attorney Dan Bernath writes ticket to BI MART & BI MART employees~ Blocking parking space reserved for wounded veterans and persons with disabilities.

 (news photo)Portland Attorney for Veterans, Daniel A. Bernath, Esq., writes citizen ticket to BI MART  for fines of $22,000 for blocking handicapped and wounded veteran's parking spaces

Demand that BI MART pay fines of $440,000 for the 20 years of blocking handicapped parking


 There are tens of thousands of wounded and crippled veterans returning home from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  They can park in any handicapped parking space in America except in front of the BI MART in Tigard Oregon


  BI MART and BI MART employees, have been blocking the handicapped parking spaces to promote sales forcing the crippled war veterans, elderly and other disabled people to walk agonizing long distances just to get the staples of life at the Tigard Marketplace Shopping Mall at 13500 SW Pacific, Tigard Oregon. 





  BI MART and the culpable BI MART employees have been summoned into Tigard Municipal Court 13125 SW Hall, Tigard 97223 on March 4, 2008 at 2 pm to answer for their conduct.

Summons and Complaint against Marty Smith
"blocking parking space reserved for disabilities in handicapped space" click on picture

Summons and Complaint Bi Mart "blocking parking space reserved for disabilities in handicapped space" click on picture  

For the last 20 years
BI MART has blocked handicapped parking spaces in front of their store at the shopping center they share with HomeTown Buffet, H Mart groceries and a score of other stores and restaurants.   Daniel A. Bernath, a nearly totally disabled US Navy veteran from the Vietnam War was a shopper at BI MART and also is a tenant at the same shopping center.  He also is a lawyer who gets disabled veterans their disability benefits.  (503.639.6666 )

 Disabled and in constant pain from his wartime injuries, Bernath decided he must overcome those obstacles to help out the wounded, crippled vets, the old and the disabled.   Bernath filed a citizen summons & complaint against BI MART and the employees at Tigard Municipal Court.  (Oregon law permits people other than police to issue Summons and Complaints, ORS § 153.048 et seq.) 


  The fine for all the BI MART defendants is about $22,000 for their most recent cruel forcing of the disabled and wounded war veterans to walk great distances to the stores. Bernath says that even though the statute of limitation has run out for BI MART’s past 20 years of lawlessness that as good citizens they should pay fines for the past years of blocking handicapped and wounded veteran’s parking spaces by giving $440,000 to the Disabled American Veterans at to “make things right”. (The summons and complaint only refer to BI MART’s lawlessness in April 2008)



 Even though Bernath is in constant pain and must use two crutches to safely get around, Bernath says he will overcome his obstacles to issue fresh tickets to BI MART if they block the spaces again.  April is BI MART’s favorite month for blocking the spaces set aside for wounded veterans and the elderly. 


 Dan Bernath 503.639.6666



Bi Mart blocking handicap space used for unloading wheelchairs


I read about Dan Bernath's standing up to BI MART and the Tigard Police.  KUDOS!!!  I can't believe after news report after news report of disabled soldiers coming home to bad health care and having to fight for the benefits they deserve, that BI MART would have the unmitigated gall to fill the shopping center's handicapped parking space with Dirt!


Anyway, I just wanted to say I am fortunate to have you care for my Social Security case and my family.   Thank you-

I've gotta throw up now- Linda


Go getum Dan- I'm proud to have served with you.

Milt Putnam Chief Petty Officer United States Navy (Ret)



I just read about the
Daniel Bernath, I find your actions absolutely fantastic!  This is what I went to school to be, an advocate for the people.  I wished to hold accountable the government or any other person that society holds to a higher standard or even just the regular everyday standard. 

 In the BI MART incident, I find the actions of
and the refusal of the Tigard Police to uphold the law to be deplorable to say the least.  I have always found dishonesty, unlawful government employees (Tigard Police Department officers and management) to be the unethical shame of society.

I am now even more proud to TELL PEOPLE THAT YOU ARE MY Social Security Representative.

JC Portland Oregon











































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