This Oregon lawyer committed malpractice.  Michael R. Shinn
Who is this Oregon lawyer?_Organization:  Private practice
Who is this Oregon lawyer?_StreetAddress: Suite 1000
Who is this Oregon lawyer?_Address2:      621 SW Morrison.
Who is this Oregon lawyer?_City:          Portland
Who is this Oregon lawyer?_State:         Oregon
Who is this Oregon lawyer?_ZipCode:       97205

Eric Rhodes
Contact_WorkPhone:                        503 639 0546


OSB CASE Number# 07-95 Rhodes complaint, and an attached case Number #07-94, a Mr Doblies
case, and to further this matter, case number# 08-09, by a Judge Tennyson. All on the
public record with the BAR.

Mr. Michael R. Shinn, bar membership no#73270 .
I have filed a complaint against this lawyer for having not accounted for over $40,000 in
my settlement of a serious bodily injury case. He has resisted my inquiry as to where
these funds are and has failed to close the case, He has seriously affected my life, and
has not replied to three certified USPS mails I sent to him. He refuses to co-operate with
the Bars' investigation, delays, denies everything, and will not open his books on his
IOTLA trust account to the Bars' investigator. 

I accuse him of theft of client funds, as is the case filed by a Mr. Max Doblie as well.

A Judge  Tennyson has him up for other reasons, but it is a rare day when a lawyer it being sued
in three cases with similar complaints, so now he has three case's running against him and being tried all together.
This person should be barred from the practice of law period. His personal files at the
BAR would take many many hours to sift through. He has a file so large it would fill a
large bankers box with!
 the BAR.  To date he has 5 serious complaints against his practice in my case alone and 5
more from Mr. Doblie. Mr. Shinn seems to take on lawsuits collects the settlements and
then fails to close the case's. Breaching his contract is common with this Lawyer. My case
reached settlement, but the medical lien holders have not been paid to this date. The
insurance companies paid out on my claim, but once they did, the funds just disappeared
into Mr. Shinn's trust account, that account he will not open the books on even to the the
State Bar's investigators. He will be served a subpoena, and then his bank will be served
as well to force this matter out into the Bar's disciplinary council. I doubt that I will
ever see a satisfactory conclusion in this matter, but Mr. Shinn got 33% by way of his
contract, of a $75,000.00 settlement and all I got of that settlement was $10,000.00, this
means that Mr. Shinn got over 86% of the settlement, the rest remains unaccounted for.
Aimee Green !
of the Oregonian, was faxed the copies I sent to her regarding these